Birthlink’s Redress Team are key Delivery Partners of the Redress Support Service. We support people who are applying to Scotland’s Redress Scheme to access their records.

We work with the Redress Support Service to help survivors in their redress journey. When we receive a referral from the Redress Support Service, we seek out records for survivors of historical abuse whilst in care. We have a highly skilled, trauma-informed and experienced team of Support Workers. They keep survivors informed and help them understand the record retrieval process and stages.

We work with a range of third sector agencies, Local Authorities, care settings and public sector bodies, to support the work we do.

In our first year we have supported over 100 survivors from across Scotland and further afield, ensuring records are retrieved as soon as possible and forwarded to Redress Scotland’s case workers with all the available information to support a claim.

Further information:

Scotland’s Redress Scheme is for those who have been abused in care. If you have experienced abuse while in the Scottish care system, you could be entitled to a payment and formal apology from the Scottish Government. For more information and details on how to apply, visit Scotland’s Redress Scheme website.

Decisions are made by Redress Scotland. They are an independent body. You can find out more about Redress Scotland here.

Redress Support Service offers personalised support to people throughout their redress journey. They can support you to prepare for applying, during the application and after you have applied. They also have an Emotional Support Helpline. Phone for free on 0800 211 8403.