Real-life stories

Birthlink service users share their story


Alice's story

Alice first got in touch with Birthlink in 2008 looking to trace her sister Carol. Alice had been raised by her grandmother and only found out later that the woman she knew to be her sister Margaret, was actually her birth mother.


Laura's story

Laura had always been curious about her birth family. It was 1994 and aged 20 years old she registered on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland. There was no link but the Scottish Adoption Registry, an index of adoption agency records, managed by Birthlink,

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Harry's story

Harry was born in Aberdeen in 1946. He was adopted and raised by a loving family. Harry married, had children of his own and a successful career. Life was good, over the years he often wondered about his birth mother and her story, hoping that she had found happiness too.

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A poem

One of our service users who came through Future Pathways has written a poem about her journey throughout her life, being in care and coming out a survivor. The poem came to her in the middle of the night.


Charles' story

Charles was born in 1946. When he was born, he was placed into the care of a local authority nursery. He was then fostered by a couple who he remained with throughout his childhood, becoming a part of their family. He was formally adopted by them when he was a young adult.

Helens story

Helen was born in 1954. She was adopted by a loving family and raised in the Scottish Border’s.

In 2014, Helen registered on the Adoption Contact Register for Scotland.