Birthlink Student Corner

Our time at Birthlink was a very interesting experience, all three of us came here on placement with little experience of adoption. However, we quickly learned how complex this field is and what amazing work is being done here. Another thing we recognised was how adaptable the team needs to be as the clientele can be so diverse which staff need to assess quickly and adapt accordingly. Not only this, Birthlink as a whole is a very adaptable charity and has adapted to the needs of society. For example, Birthlink is now working with Future Pathways as an outcome of the Child Abuse Inquiry. As students this has been very insightful but also very saddening.

The charity needs more recognition for what they do and the support they offer to a wide range of people. It is obvious to see the staff team cares, for example when they receive care leavers documents and the redaction has not been done with care, this upsets the team which highlights their caring nature. We (the students) had a discussion with each other and the aspects we found most interesting were how records were previously written in terms of the language used to describe people which would thankfully not be accepted today. We also had the opportunity to see the old machinery once used (Micro-film). It was interesting to see how the process begun and the services the agency provides. For example, they offer family trees which can be very powerful for people and they can also find out where their parents may have been buried which can also be very powerful for individuals.

The staff team was extremely welcoming throughout our placement, and offered us a very insightful time. We would encourage anyone thinking about starting the process to come forward, the team is very understanding, patient and supportive. Therefore, even if you are considering it, it is useful to contact them and maybe find out more about how the process works. Your approach would always be welcome here.